Happy Clients

Read what some of our past clients have to say about their experience with us. Contact Hall & Co. Interior Design in Atlanta, GA for more details.

“I first used Debby 10 years ago when my husband and I were getting married and blending two homes. She helped me edit our things and integrate what we kept so that my husband’s house became “our” house and we loved it.

When we decided to build our dream home, we called Debby in again to help us look over the floor plans to make certain we understood exactly what we were going to build. She made suggestions, some as simple as door swings and window placement that made a huge difference in our overall plan as well as helping with cabinet and bath design, paint colors and decorating.

I just recently hired her again to help with a remodel of an older home. She helped us to open up our small rooms into larger ones and added finishes that make our new home a showplace while still feeling like home. We are thrilled with the results!

If you think hiring a designer will cost you more money, think again. The right designer can help you spend your money wisely and end up with results you could never have come up on your own.

Debby is easy to work with. She does not have a “designer attitude”. She really does want you to be happy but she will push you to stretch and think beyond what you normally would.

I highly recommend her!”

Karen Schmidt
Homeowner, Alpharetta, GA

“Debby worked with my partner and I on a development we have in Sylva, North Carolina. We had just started the first phase of this unique project and knew we needed help with design.

Debby decorated the first building and then moved on to the lodge which was laying in a pile on our property. She worked with the engineer, builder and I to get the antique barn we were reconstructing on paper and then she laid out the floor plan to include an addition. Our 5 bedroom, 3 story barn lodge is now a showpiece, thanks in part to Debby’s creativity. We get complements on the Lodge every time we show it. It is warm, inviting, unique and beautiful.

In the 2 ½ years it took to complete this project, Debby worked with a team of builder’s, trades and suppliers on a weekly basis overseeing her part in the design and construction. Her job was not easy. Her communication skills and ability to be flexible without sacrificing the end result was a huge plus for us. She is easy and enjoyable to work with.

She has my full endorsement!”

John McNeill
Developer, Macon, GA

“I have been a general contractor for 38 years. In that time I have had the pleasure of working with many talented architects and interior design professionals. Debby Hall is in the top tier of that group. She is pleasant and has a great sense of design. She is empathetic to the customer’s needs and style and is a pleasure to work with. She is clear in her concept and precise in her schedules. The end result of her planning is a well thought out concept that fits her clients program and was easy for a contractor to achieve. It has been an honor to work with Debby.”

Wes Stone
John Wesley Hammer Construction Co. Inc.
Builder, Atlanta, GA

“I first met Debby when my husband and I were building our dream home. We had worked with a designer before but never to the extent we used Debby. She started with us from the ground up doing a review of our floorplan and making some suggestions. A big plus was that she communicated with our builder and made sure we got what we wanted. Her knowledge of construction and attention to detail proved to be invaluable to the overall look and function of our home. Debby also helped us furnish rooms and finish out with accessories. She listened and asked questions so that she could direct us to the products that met our needs. Debby is personal, perceptive, and pleasant to work with. She quickly identified our tastes and created an environment we loved.

I have since used Debby on two other homes. I even took her to look at homes when I was purchasing a cottage getaway. We found the perfect one and with Debby’s vision knocked out a wall and opened up the main area. It was hard to look past the outdated wallpaper, kitchen and baths but I now have the perfect escape. She did it on a budget that I was comfortable with and I am thrilled.

Debby is honest and ethical and most of all…talented. Use her, she’s good!”

Christine Adams
Homeowner, Atlanta, GA

“We are a family of four, and have worked with Debby for almost 18 years. She has helped us to design a comfortable home that fits our personalities and lifestyles, and that we are proud to show off when entertaining. Debby is an amazing listener who works to understand your personal preferences and to create spaces that are inviting and functional. Our tastes and styles have changed over the years and Debby has helped guide us through updates that have refreshed our look and improved how we use our space. She has worked to use furniture and accessories we already own and to incorporate new pieces as needed. I cannot say enough about Debby — she is also a good friend after so many years, ”

Dana Rawls
Homeowner, Atlanta, GA

“I hated my dark kitchen. The cabinets were dated and dark and the lighting was insufficient.

My new kitchen is GORGEOUS with new cabinets, great added features and wonderful lighting. Debby was a pleasure to work with. She worked within my budget but showed me options when she thought it made sense to spend a little more to get an even better end product. She made sure I was very educated about every decision I was making so as she said, I wouldn’t have “remodeler’s remorse”.

She only hires quality workmen who take pride in their work. I love that she was not only the designer but the project manager. Debby handled all of the scheduling and the workmen were anxious to please. She even suggested painting my brick in the adjoining room to tie my new look together with the old. I love it!”

Karen Snyder
Homeowner, Atlanta, GA

Debby Hall offers over 30 years of interior design experience for residential design, remodelling, and kitchen & bathroom design. We service the Atlanta, North Carolina, South Carolina areas and more.