Meet Debby – Interior Designer in Atlanta, GA

Debby Hall is an interior designer in Atlanta, GA having over 30 years experience in the field of interior design. Contact Hall & Co. Interior Design for more details.

My first design client was myself when I was around eleven years old. My parents got up one morning to find that I had rearranged my bedroom furniture! They were surprised and probably a bit amused and so began my lifelong love with design.

After graduating from University of Tennessee with a degree in Interior Design, I started doing commercial work and quickly moved to residential design where I could be more creative and in touch with my clients.

It’s been over 25 years now and I still love what I do. I get to work with fun, interesting people and create spaces with them and for them that have a positive influence on their daily lives.

I’ve seen the transformation in my clients hundreds of times. People come to me either when they are building their dream home, remodeling a space that doesn’t fit their personality or needs or both, or when they are wanting to update their existing home.

They wind up with spaces that feel good and lift them up. It’s really quite amazing how their energy shifts when people love where they live and work. They are happier and more productive and almost always wish they had done it sooner!

I start with my “Design Discovery” questionnaire. It helps me to get into my clients heads and understand their personalities and needs. I find out their dislikes, pet peeves, things that bother them the most and then we move on to the fun part. I want to know what lights them up, their dream kitchen, bedroom, bath or office. What does that look and feel like to them?

Once I have that information we sit down, talk through the questionnaire and then discuss how I work. It’s important for both parties, the designer and client, to be on the same page as to how the project will be structured as well as seeing if our personalities work well together. After all, this includes exciting changes and should be a fun experience.

I hate that people are sometimes nervous about using an interior designer. A client should never feel intimidated or bullied by their designer. My clients are ultimately the ones who have to put their stamp of approval on the project and we all need to be on the same page when it comes to costs and the design. It’s never inexpensive to use an interior designer but that has more to do with the general cost of doing a home improvement project.

A designer will of course cost more than doing it yourself, you are paying someone for their time, expertise and service. A few mistakes can add up quickly and using a professional can sometimes actually save money. In the end, spending more to have a sophisticated end product that you love and enjoy is well worth it. My clients understand and appreciate what I bring to the project!

Yes, definitely. Most of my clients want my full service design which means I am 100% involved in the project. This can include meeting with builders and subcontractors, specifying finishes, project management, design work, fabric and furniture selections, etc…

My clients can be as involved as they choose to be. Most are busy professionals and have a general idea of what they like and want. With their input I create the vision for them and then do the legwork and execute the plan.

Occasionally I have someone who is a do-it-yourselfer (DIY) and just needs some guidance. For those I have my “Done in a Day” program where we spend 7 hours spread out at a table, formulating an overall plan for them to execute. It’s intense but they come prepared and we get a lot done.

It’s a given that my job is to create spaces that reflect my clients personalities. I go deeper than that. I believe from my heart that our surroundings affect our lives on a daily basis. It’s about how those spaces make you feel, and if you don’t feel good about where and how you live then how can you ever become who you want to be?

So many people have a nice car, wear fashionable clothes but stop short with their home style and design. This isn’t about keeping up with the Jones’s and it’s not about being someone you aren’t. It’s about stepping into your dream life and who you really want to be. Beauty matters. It’s really that simple.

I’ve seen a lot of change in the past 4-5 years. My clients are more educated now than ever before, they know who they are and don’t need to buy showy things or a status symbol to give them confidence or prestige.

They are selective in how they spend their money but haven’t given up quality and value. They just want to understand the differences that make that distinction. I see a lot of “back to basics” but with style and sophistication, using current trends in the mix. Less show and more substance with interiors that can evolve over time.

The one constant is see is this: Beauty Matters. Everyone wants beauty in their lives. Our outside reflects what going on inside and vice versa. There’s a beautiful flow to that and I get to be a part of that creation!

I am happy to have a 15 minute ‘get acquainted’ call with someone who is thinking they may like to work with me. We can talk about their project and see if there is a mutual interest in meeting to discuss their needs in more detail.

Debby Hall offers over 30 years of interior design experience for residential design, remodelling, and kitchen & bathroom design. We service the Atlanta, North Carolina, South Carolina areas and more.